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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 120

By Nottanis |  Nov 23, 2023  | osrrealms, nottanis
Nottanis Shortly before we left the rebel camp, a young man named Gareth asked to join our group. He felt that leaving in our company might give him a better chance of escaping whatever curse held Meagre’s Reach in thrall. We agreed, having no real reason not to allow it, and set off at dawn. Despite the dire warnings and Gareth’s presence, we had no problem departing the area, and made our way to the manse of Ygraine.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 119

By Nottanis |  Nov 9, 2023  | osrrealms, nottanis
Nottanis We didn’t make it back tomorrow, or the next day. We dragged our coin, poorly hidden, past a traveling caravan; we paid extortion money to a gargoyle with two mossy statues; we suffered through blood rain and invisible hail and the worst cold I’ve ever had. We did finally make it to town, where absolutely everyone wanted to know what we had in the urns. We did notice a few details in town.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 118

By Bern |  Oct 5, 2023  | osrrealms, bern
Bern Selaena managed to get us an update: the Princess was overjoyed to hear that her True Love yet lived and sought her embrace, but insisted on seeing the ring before actually doing anything. So we tried to arrange another distraction. The guests kept demanding new and obscure dishes (everything from roast swan to pizza rolls) and sending the waitstaff – us – down to the kitchens to get it.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 23

By Faran |  Sep 30, 2023  | outoftheabyss, faran
Faran Magebane We negotiated the agreement for oils to protect weaponry from acid in the coming gnomish dessert war. In the meantime, Soggy got stoned, Elania (?) ate some of Creeper’s green dragon jerky and felt sick, and Creeper himself got briefly arrested for trying to smoke Larry the mushroom. The rest of us asked for something we could do to pass the time while the three stooges sobered up, and were invited to go after a shambling mound that had been bothering prime mushroom-land.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 117

By Nottanis |  Sep 28, 2023  | osrrealms, nottanis
Nottanis Rather than return to town immediately, we investigated some of the nearby barrows. While we walked, Rowen had the bright idea to put on the wight-making necklace we found in order to “make sure we kept her safe”. I’m not sure where she got this obviously bad idea but she should stop listening to them. The first had a simple porticullis guarding the entrance, and no skull on top.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 116

By Nottanis |  Sep 7, 2023  | osrrealms, nottanis
Nottanis We traveled further down the road, meeting a knight by the name of Richard the Lionhearted and his single merry (and weirdly mossy) dwarf. We discussed the road in both directions, and the dwarf inquired about peculiar mushrooms. Richard mentioned that there was someone already looking into the weirdness of time around the town of Meagre’s Reach, and advised us not to stay there long lest we be caught up in the time distortion ourselves.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 115

By Nottanis |  Aug 31, 2023  | osrrealms, nottanis
Nottanis Rowen had the idea to take a walk into the Dolemwood to follow some sort of ley line she supposedly can see in the sky. I could use a walk in the woods, so I agreed to come along, and apparently Morin was bored too. We wandered into the woods and spend a lovely night by the Dark Mirror Lake. A swan boat was collecting dreams. We stopped by the manse of lady Ygraine the next morning, meeting three nobles on the way.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 114

By Bern |  Aug 23, 2023  | osrrealms, bern
Bern We returned to Westkeep for a few days to heal, sealing the tomb again on the way out. On the trip back, we noticed a strange tree shaped like a gigantic foot, and a flock of hawk-deer hybrids. We avoided both. In Westkeep, I passed on the news about the gnome and his grain to the local priest. Seleana volunteered to look for herbs to help our recovery, and I went hunting to help pay for her room at the inn in return.
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Out of the Abyss -- Session 22

By Faran |  Aug 20, 2023  | outoftheabyss, faran
Faran Magebane We cleaned up the last of the elements attacking us with the help of a Shatter spell. The familiar feeling of hallowed ground told me the mission was complete, and we headed back to the Foaming Mug for some well deserved rest. We woke to an elf removing Creg’s eyes, waving a wanted poster at us when we went to interfere. Not one from the drow, but from the surface.
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Realms of the Old School Renaissance -- Session 113

By Bern |  Aug 17, 2023  | osrrealms, bern
Bern I had been putting this damn arm problem off long enough. I got the Glorious Blades back together in Westwood, planning to explore the Dolmenwood and make contact with a fae who might be able to fix my arm… somehow. It wasn’t as well planned as I’d like but I was out of ideas and so were the local churches. Oscar offered me the shield he had been using, a huge piece of twisted iron that I was surprised he could even lift, much less fight with.
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