About Me

I am a programmer. I have worked for small startups, large corporations, and governments. Mostly, I write database-driven J2EE webapps. Sometimes those are just websites, and sometimes they provide the user interface to a supercomputer. I have also written email server software; one of my ongoing projects is to redesign the internet messaging protocols for secure encryption by default. I have also written two db-object layers for storing Java objects into databases. The first used my own homegrown API and has been discontinued. I am actively developing the second, which I call "EntityDancer". It attempts to conform to the EJB 3.0 persistence layer specification, and comes close enough to be useful.

I am a sysadmin. I have been administering Linux servers professionally since 2000, and was running my own personal servers on Linux since 1997 or so. I have experience with Apache HTTPD and Apache Tomcat. I run qmail for email (with a lot of patches). I run MySQL at home, and I'm eyeing Cassandra as the next place for my data to go.

I am a system builder. I built the hardware this website runs on. It's more impressive than you might think. (More impressive than I need just to run this website, that's for sure).

I am a gamer. It's the only reason I still have a computer running windows. I'd prefer to game on Linux, but for the most part that's not ready.

I am a shooter. I believe in the right to self-defense with the most effective tools available.

I believe in open-source software, particularly the Debian flavor of Linux, and the virtues of the Internet.

I believe in free speech and free beer recipes. If you want me to make the beer for you, I'll charge you for that, but you have a right to know what you're drinking. I can help you change the recipe, too, but I'll publish the changes and charge you for them.

I used to believe in the Amiga computer, but that dream died.